Healthy Union. Strong Union.

Be ready for wherever your adventures lead, with preventive health care. When you complete 3* of the approved tasks, you’ll receive a voucher good toward a pair of Red Wing boots or a Jacket.


The new Pick 3, Get 1 wellness program starts on 3/21/20. Please complete three wellness tasks to claim your Boot Cerficicate (Active Members) or Jacket (Active Members & Retirees).

NEW Pick 3, Get 1 – 3/21/20 – 4/1/21

With the cancellation of the 2020 Health Fair, Active and Retired LIUNA members have options to complete the OLD Pick 3, Get 1 wellness program as follows:

The OLD Pick 3, Get 1 program from – 3/16/19 – 4/1/20 has been extended to 8/1/20


  1. Schedule and complete three tasks prior to 8/1/20 (Dental is required) in the OLD program (noting the extended time to complete).
  2. Wait for the 2021 Health Fair and your attendance will qualify for the OLD program (attendance stamp required, please bring your envelope).
  3. Combine 3 wellness tasks from the OLD program and the NEW program
    (This option limits you to one prize only for both time periods).
  4. Blood Donation has been added as an option for the OLD and NEW Pick 3 program. Donor receipt is required from your Blood Donation for service dates after April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021. Insert the official donor receipt in your Pick 3 envelope. Official donor receipt should be provided by the donor location (Ex: Red Cross) and include your contact information as the donor and date of donation.

Complete three of the following tasks between March 21st, 2020 and April 1st, 2021 to receive your choice from the ‘Get 1’ category.

Pick 3
  • Preventive Dental Visit
  • Preventive Physical (REQUIRED)
  • Health Fair Attendance
  • Quit Tobacco
  • Flu Shot
  • Eye Exam
Get 1
  • Get a voucher good towards a pair of Red Wing boots or a Jacket

Incenctives provided by MN Laborers Employers Cooperation Education Trust (LECET)

*Active or Retiree members only, must be eligible for MN Laborers Health and Welfare Coverage.

Program runs 3/21/20–4/1/21. All E.O.B’s and certificates of accomplishment must be submitted to the Fund and postmarked before 4/1/21.

If you did not receive a redemption envelopeor you lost yours, you can download and print this form. (CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD.)

Once you have submitted all required documents, a voucher for your Red Wing boots or a jacket will be mailed to the active member or retiree. For active members, your boot voucher can be redeemed at these locations (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE LOCATIONS).